Synchron represent Serge Ferrari, who has become synonymous with designing tensile structures. In addition to this, Serge Ferrari’s unique range of products provide solutions for interior and exterior walls, ceilings and windows, as well as industrial and marine applications.
Solar Protection

Serge Ferrari provides a full range of fabrics for commercial and domestic blinds. Soltis® is the name given to the range of perforated fabric which can be used internally or externally. External blinds made of Soltis fabrics have exceptional strength and dimensional stability. This allows for the creation of large size blinds, which keep their shape without curling on the sides. The lifespan of Soltis blinds is by far the longest on the market. Internally it will provide thermal comfort, as well as translucency and visibility.

Interior Architecture

Batyline® is the name given to the product used for tensioned ceilings, acoustic panels, walls, fittings, and decoration. The lightness and flexibility of Batyline® composite fabric offers freedom in terms of shapes and dimensions for ceilings, wall acoustic absorption, and decorative paneling. Batyline® is a woven fabric with a matte appearance, and has 13 unique colours in its palette. Freely tensioned Batyline® with an air gap is a solution that sets itself apart through its saving in absorbent foam, wool or felt, thereby limiting its spatial requirement.

Tensile Architecture

Textile architecture allows extensive architectual freedom as well as internal natural light, and highlights both the roof and facade. Natural light is an integral part of textile architecture. Ferrari Précontraint® membranes have considerable extended lifespan because of their top protective layer. The Précontraint® technology also gives the structure exceptional dimensional stability.

Facade & Wall Cladding

The facade of the building is the most expressive component of a building. Serge Ferrari has several suitable membranes that offer unique innovative solutions. There are a number of features which make it an ideal solution. It has dimensional stability, as it does not deform. There are lots of beautiful colours to choose from. It is totally wind resistant. The membranes are fire retardant and comply with European standards. Lastly, the membrane is easy to maintain as it has an anti-fungal treatment which protects against natural elements.

Industrial Applications

Serge Ferrari offers truck tarpaulin material that can be supplied with or without the patented Defender® security textile. Serge Ferrari produced Defender® as an efficient solution to vandalism and cutting of truck tarpaulins. Defender® has built-in, high resistance multi-strand steel cables only 4cm apart, weaving all the way along in both directions, and it is virtually impossible to get a hand between them.


Professional and pleasure boat skippers the world over appreciate the Serge Ferrari range for its exceptional service life, its UV and mould resistance, its lightweight design, and its easy care and cleaning. The Serge Ferrari Group produces innovative composite textiles drawing on its expertise as a provider of unique technical textile solutions.