Polycarbonate Film & Technical Tapes from Makrofol® DE

Makrofol® DE is the brand of polycarbonate films which we sell for nameplates, panels and displays. The transparent and translucent films demonstrate excellent graphic quality during printing and are available in various finishes, from gloss on both sides to fine matte or velvet.

Synchron represents Bayer, who manufacture a range of polycarbonate films called Makrofol®. Its particular strengths include high heat resistance, impressive toughness and elasticity over a wide temperature range, good stiffness and excellent electrical insulation properties. Makrofol® can be formed either hot or cold, and enables top quality printing with standard inks using screen or digital printing.

Most of our Makrofol® is used in the membrane switch industry and for light diffusion in the lighting industry. Synchron also sell high performance membrane switch spacer components and laminating adhesives for the membrane switch industry.

Spacer Tapes / Double Sided Tapes:

Synchron represents Flexcon who sell a range of Spacer and Double Sided tapes. These tapes provide critical functionality to membrane switches, from the graphic layer to spacer materials and as the mounting adhesive to hold the switch in place. Pressure-sensitive spacer materials with adhesive on both sides provide engineers with limitless possibilities to design unique and highly functional membrane switches.

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