OVD Kinegram Security Technologies

OVD Kinegram, a company based in Switzerland, is a member of the Kurz Group and is the competence center for government documents and bank notes. Their experience dates back to the early 80s when they first protected the Saudi Arabian passport with a KINEGRAM®. Today the KINEGRAM® is used to secure a wide range of governmental documents in countries all over the world. OVD Kinegram’s experience of over 20 years has been complemented by maintaining close contacts with police forces, customs authorities, and internationally-reputed security specialists – translating into an excellent return on investment for our customers.

The KINEGRAM® technology is based on a unique core process that allows a range of security levels to be implemented. It is also modular and extensible which means it can be combined with a wide variety of technologies to achieve an optimal level of security and robustness. We offer security elements for all known issuing systems, whether it be in the form of foil overlays, hot stamping foil applications, or as inlays in composite plastic cards. This has made KINEGRAM® the most highly regarded security element in the world, meeting ICAO standards and greatly assisting control agencies in their daily fight against all forms of forgery and falsification.


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