Brand Protection and High Security

High Security

Over 100 countries are placing their trust in the KINEGRAM® technology to protect their documents and banknotes. OVD Kinegram, a company based in Switzerland, is a member of the Kurz Group and is the competence center for government documents and bank notes. Their experience dates back to the early 80s when they first protected the Saudi Arabian passport with a KINEGRAM®. This experience of over 20 years has been complemented by maintaining close contacts with police forces, customs authorities, and internationally-reputed security specialists – translating into an excellent return on investment for our customers.

The KINEGRAM® technology is based on a unique core process that allows a range of security levels to be implemented. It is also modular and extensible which means it can be combined with a wide variety of technologies to achieve an optimal level of security and robustness. Synchron represents OVD Kinegram and Leonhard Kurz who are the world leaders in the supply of high security products for government document protection and unique brand security solutions. This has made KINEGRAM® the most highly regarded security element in the world, meeting ICAO standards and greatly assisting control agencies in their daily fight against all forms of forgery and falsification.

Brand Protection

Energy … Time … Passion … Money … Brainpower …

These are the investments we make in creating a story around a brand and to breathe life into it.

The result is brand credibility and brand integrity that create healthy brand perceptions that reassure customers that the product you produced is the one that ends up in their hands. Partner with Kurz and Synchron to protect what is yours against counterfeiting and tampering, giving you peace of mind.

Scratch-Off & Signature Foil

Scratch-Off Foils have two functions: they act as a visual barrier mask, and as a validation seal. Only after the hot stamped foil has been scratched off does the secured information become visible. Kurz Scratch-Off Foils serve as a tamper-evident layer for personal authorisation data (i.e. passwords, PIN numbers, lottery ticket numbers, etc.) on paper and plastic cards.

Synchron has access to an unmatched variety of foil patterns to enable you to create individual designs that can be tailored to specific target groups. We can also request customised designs from Kurz according to client specifications. There are also a series of striking foils available with holographic designs, including one with luminescent colours.

We offer three groups of Scratch Off Foils for PVC cards:

  • Scratch-Off foils with overprint
  • Scratch-Off foils without overprint
  • Scratch-Off foils with Diffractive (holographic) patterns.

Synchron supplies a range of Kurz foil that can be effectively signed on by means of biros, ballpoint pens, and fibre-tip pens. The ink forms a permanent bond with the card after it is stamped and makes the card counterfeit-proof.

“Counterfeit-Proof” Signature Foil prevents:

  • Mechanical tampering: when rubbed-off or scratched, the foil will turn blue
  • Solvent tampering: when coming in contact with liquids e.g. alcohol, either the foil logo or the entire foil smears.
  • Oxidating agent tampering: ink killers, correction fluids, and brake fluids cause the logo to fade and the signature panel to discolour.

Three groups of Signature Foil to choose from:

  • Neutral generic designs available to any customer: white transparent, spider web, Valid.
  • Customised wallpaper designs which can be produced for authorised manufacturers e.g. VISA and Mastercard.
  • Customised single image designs that can include UV-visible inks in various colours and that can be produced for authorised manufacturers e.g. AMEX, Maestro.

Magnetic Stripe

Synchron can supply the following Kurz magnetic foils (Mag stripes):

  • Coloured foils
  • Foils with overprints
  • Customised colours and patterns on request.

Three types of Mag Stripe:

Magnetic hot stamping foil: used for small volume or single card applications
Tape layer transfer foil: used for overlay applications suitable for mass production.
Magnetic total laminating foil/cold bonding: this is not a common method as it requires a tape layer-type machine.

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