Add a little majesty to your brand image & security

Serge Ferrari. The world’s most beautiful composite fabrics for light architectural, industrial and marine use. Eco-responsibly innovated for design and weather comfort.

LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG. Breath-taking innovations in hot and cold foil stamping to create sparkling and magical effects for your labelling and packaging designs.

KURZ Foils. Advanced optical technology with QR codes; serial numbers and logos; a barrier against counterfeiting. Security, validation, and brand messaging all in one.

Serge Ferrari Defender Mesh. Heavy-duty printable fabric in your brand colour embedded with steel cables. Secure, brand enhancement for your goods in transit or in storage.

Chiyoda Decorative Paper, Foil & Film. Inspired by nature – wood, marble, rock, leather – a Chiyoda adhesive surface gives an average substrate the luxury appeal of quality and natural beauty.

Synchron brings to its clients the benchmark standards in brand enhancement. Architects and designers have access to a global-best range in innovative textiles. The packaging industry can offer its branded clients breath-taking foiled designs covering both brand enhancement and security. Our deco foil division enables the transformation of an ordinary substrate into a surface of beauty. And our truck security ‘armoured’ textiles provide peace of mind to logistics companies.


We’re founded on a simple principle; global best products for brand enhancement, underpinned by a depth of technical expertise…
Sarah Sonnenberg,  MD Synchron

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