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July 2024

Protecting your brand with anti-counterfeiting solutions from Synchron

Many brand owners are unaware of the market share they lose to counterfeiters…. continue reading>>

Trustcode offers digital verification via cellphone enabling customers to check whether the product is genuine and not a fake

June 2024

Complexity, simplicity, security – A visual digital seal for complete document protection

In an era where misinformation and fraudulent activities run rampant, distinguishing between real and fake documents has become increasingly challenging…. continue reading>>

Visual Digital Seal applied on a visa document protects against forgery

October 2022

Protect your brand from fakes

Owners of brands and products around the world suffer billion-dollar losses due to the low-risk, high-return industry of counterfeiting. It’s a loss that’s not just about making money. Your brand’s reputation can be irreparably harmed…. continue reading>>

Products are shielded against manipulation and counterfeiting by security labels

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