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Owners of brands and products around the world suffer billion-dollar losses due to the low-risk, high-return industry of counterfeiting. It’s a loss that’s not just about making money. Your brand’s reputation will be irreparably harmed if a phony item is sold as real and can even be fatal, as has happened with fake alcohol and drugs.

While firm statistics for South Africa are not readily available, news reports indicate counterfeiting is a huge problem in Africa, exacerbated by the COVID-19 lockdown. In fact, a pan-African police operation, jointly coordinated by INTERPOL and AFRIPOL at the end of 2021, identified hundreds of suspects, which resulted in seizures of more than 12 million illicit health products1. In addition, West African operations revealed the use of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination certificates in several countries.

The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) states that up to 10% of the South African economy may be lost through counterfeiting. Consumers are at serious risk as a result of this counterfeiting, which also makes it more challenging for local, legitimate producers to remain competitive and denies governments tax income that could help fund the delivery of critical services.2

It is also anticipated that more counterfeit products sellers will shift their sourcing activities in-house and start their own manufacturing businesses as a result of the increasing oil and commodity prices brought on by the invasion of Ukraine.3

According to the World Health Organization, counterfeit drugs are the world’s most lucrative counterfeit goods, with a global market worth approximately $200bn, and Africa accounts for around 42% of the world’s cases.4

China and other foreign nations account for a large share of the fake goods in circulation in South Africa. At the numerous ports of entry, South African Customs and Border Police are fairly proficient at finding and seizing containers and small consignments of counterfeit products, although some do slip through unnoticed.

The logistical gaps in the movement of commodities might be exploited by individuals dealing in counterfeit goods because there are so many shared border posts and access to neighbouring nations. For instance, a lot of containers and airfreight consignments are imported via transshipment, purportedly for the neighbouring states, but they actually wind up in the South African market. Additionally, containers are smuggled back from neighbouring nations after being round-tripped by rail from seaports.5

As an example of the worldwide scale of counterfeiting, the German Customs reported a new high for the seizure of counterfeit goods in 2019: The goods’ combined market worth was 238.87 million Euros. Products like clothing and electronics were significantly impacted.6 But other parts were also not spared. There were a lot more fake products found, including food, cosmetics, tools and pharmaceuticals. Experts concur that, despite a record number of discoveries, this is simply the tip of the iceberg and counterfeiters continue to be able to operate covertly on a massive scale globally.

In short, it is essential brands protect themselves from counterfeiting. It’s not just a case of income lost due to imitation goods being sold; it is a danger to their reputation, can cost a fortune in fake warranty claims, and lay brands open to legal claims. Synchron has solutions to protect your brands and is dedicated to keeping illegal goods out of the legitimate supply chain. Businesses establish their brands by offering superior goods and services that set them apart from the competition. A key investment is building a great brand. Unprotected, it leaves the business and its customers open to fraud, illegal behaviour, as well as safety risks.

A combination of counterfeit goods, commercial diversion of goods, product theft, fabrication of trade documents or packaging, and other violations of legal trade all need to be addressed when ensuring brand protection.

Synchron’s solutions for brand protection 

Synchron represents KURZ in South and East Africa. Promising functionality and aesthetic protection for brands, KURZ is a pioneer in fusing decoration, security, function, and interactivity.

KURZ Banknote Security

Banknote security foils and technology by KURZ

KURZ has dominated the market for banknote security foils and foil technologies for more than 30 years. More than 80 central banks have put their faith in KURZ to protect their money from threats of counterfeiting and improve the visual appeal of their banknotes. KURZ’ great capacity for innovation and its patented KINEGRAM® optical technology, which was created by OVD Kinegram, a KURZ subsidiary, are defining the standards for extremely complex and effective security features.



Kinegram Easy Card for safe card issuing

Without investing in specialised infrastructure like printers or laminating modules, KINEGRAM Easy Card is a paper-substrate based card that can be issued instantaneously. The KINEGRAM Easy Card is very inexpensive and extremely safe. Attempts at manipulation and falsification are exceedingly challenging.

Security Labels

Trustseal security stickers for protecting consumer goods from counterfeiting

Products are shielded against manipulation and counterfeiting by security labels. They increase customers’ faith in your brand. Highly effective security features include serialization, security print, UV fluorescent colours, VOID effects, special substrates, adhesives, and UV fluorescent colours. They can be customised to meet certain needs in order to serve all industries.

TRUSTCODE software combined with an optical TRUSTSEAL security sticker enable high protection.



TRUSTSEAL® security and tamper-proof tax stamps

Secure, individualised, and customised security packages are offered by the distinctive modular TRUSTCONCEPT Tax Stamp system. The web-based TRUSTCODE authentication system for mobile inspection along with KURZ diffractive security foil technology and security printing, offer outstanding protection against counterfeiting with long-term added value for tax authorities.
With this software, KURZ makes it possible for you to have 24/7 protected access to your data, whether it is on your premises or in the incredibly secure KURZ data centre. You can use the app to obtain information that is only available to certain defined user groups.

Genuine packaging is authenticated by TRUSTSEAL® security and tamper-proof tax stamps, which further foster consumer confidence and are almost impossible to copy.


Security seals for labels and packaging

TRUSTSEAL® Protect is a well-known brand name for visual security components. The security seals combine design and protection for labels, packaging, and more. No matter how the technology is used—to mark documents, seal packages, label fabrics, or apply tickets—TRUSTSEAL® Protect is extraordinarily counterfeit- and tamper-proof; any attempts to conceal manipulation are visible to the unaided eye.

Advantages include custom brand design, proprietary technology, visible and invisible security features, application by means of hot stamping or cold foil transfer, and additionally, TRUSTCODE authentication is fast and easy via smartphone.

MultiColor® security feature or partial metallisation enables designs that are eye-catching and offer security at the same time.

Linking visual effects to information technology opens new opportunities for branding and market analysis – genuine added value for you and your customers.

Brand protection is becoming ever more important. As a leading provider of brand security, we offer you a quick and easy way for identification via smartphone.

Contact SYNCHRON for more information on protecting your brand from fakes, authenticating your products, providing attractive packaging with built-in security features, issuing secure identification cards, printing event tickets with piracy protection, and a variety of security labels.

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