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June 2024

Soltis Master 99 manages heat and glare at new state-of-the-art forensic pathology laboratory

Soltis Master 99 was recently installed at the newly established Johannesburg Forensic Pathology Facility in order to minimise heat and glare, as well as inhibit virus reproduction…. continue reading>>

Soltis Master 99 blinds fabric for heat and glare

May 2024

Introducing the Space Drop TR-300: Pioneering the future of mobile event venues

Using 2 100 sqm of top-tier Serge Ferrari materials, the Space Drop TR-300 epitomises durability, versatility and unparalleled quality. Flexlight membranes are ideal for outdoor event venues…. continue reading>>

Innovative Space Drop TR-300, a mobile event venue, constructed using Flexlight membranes.

April 2024

The evolution of outdoor furniture: A dive into technical fabric advancements

Outdoor furniture endures a barrage of weather conditions year-round, from UV exposure to rain and mould. Hence, the fabrics used must not only be technically advanced but also highly resistant…. continue reading>>

Technically advanced and highly resistant outdoor fabrics by Serge Ferrari

December 2023

Innovating outdoor living: Explore the Flexlight Natome 500, the next frontier in sustainable design

Serge Ferrari has just launched the Flexlight Natome 500 onto the market. It is elegant and performant, the most natural fabric for glamping…. continue reading>>

Flexlight Natome 500, PVC-free fabric, used to construct outdoor glamping units

November 2023

Elevating architectural excellence

Serge Ferrari’s Flexlight 1302 S2 membrane was used to construct exceptionally large and high fabric structures in the shape of magnolias at entrance to the Flower Expo Garden…. continue reading>>

Flexlight 1302 S2 membrane stretched over steel frame to form exceptional architectural entrance structure

October 2023

Reducing noise, elevating comfort: The innovation of acoustic materials

In bustling indoor public spaces like swimming pools, school dinner halls and airport terminals, achieving acoustic comfort is paramount for the well-being of users…. continue reading>>

Alphalia is a lightweight, tensioned acoustic material

October 2023

Szczecin Summer Theatre debuts new roof featuring membranes by Serge Ferrari Group

Serge Ferrari Group has joined a project to redevelop Szczecin Summer Theatre using two of the Group’s architectural membranes …. continue reading>>

Flexlight Advanced 1002 S2 roof cladding is renowned for its durability, transparency and consistent hue when backlit.

July 2023

Soltis Touch on ‘The Bridge’: 3% roller blinds for optimal comfort

Soltis Touch, with its unique features, has emerged as the ideal choice for the interior roller blinds in the San Giovanni workspaces…. continue reading>>

Soltis Touch interior roller blinds ideal for controlling sunlight

June 2023

The health and safety of our children is a priority

Sumo Didactic, a renowned company based in Spain, specialises in the design and manufacture of products that promote the psychomotor development and safety of children.continue reading>>

Children playing on modular units for psychomotor development

April 2023

The best technology for long-term yacht protection

One of the biggest challenges faced by yacht owners is maintaining the hull’s integrity and ensuring optimal performance. Smart coating technology is a breakthrough solution that addresses these challenges…. continue reading>>

Serge Ferrari fabrics for marine applications are ideal for catamarans

April 2023

Discover the new STFE technology for tensile architecture

STFE technology from the Serge Ferrari Group, available locally through Synchron Markings, is a structural and transparent composite membrane for building envelopes…. continue reading>>

The Mpavilion in Australia features STFE technology enabling a translucent roof structure

March 2023

French air base wraps itself in Frontside View 381 envelope

Serge Ferrari Group’s Frontside View 381 membrane was selected to wrap a building on Air Base 105, in Évreux-Fauville, France, home to a new Franco-German military transport unit…. continue reading>>

Frontside View 381 mesh used on building on Air Base 105 in France

January 2023

A modern glass roof project with Soltis Perform 92

In the heart of Shanghai, China, the residential district of Hongkou is now home to the brand new Hall of the Sun, one of the city’s largest shopping centres, featuring a spectacular glass roof with blinds in the form of Soltis Perform 92 …. continue reading>>

The glass ceiling in Hall of the Sun shopping centre is cooled down by using Soltis Perform 92 fabric to prevent heat build up and glare.

November 2022

Shading structures, translucent roofs– the Seaworld Plaza membrane roof

Flexlight Xtrem TX30-11 fabric by Serge Ferrari is an architectural fabric that was used to great effect in the complex structure of the Seaworld Plaza…. continue reading>>

November 2022

The perfect interior solar protection from Synchron Markings

The Soltis Touch is a fabric with a unique weave that mixes several materials and colours to provide a distinctly natural impression…. continue reading>>

Soltis Touch fabric used for blinds in a Clifton seaside home

October 2022

WetnWild H2Oasis Splash Pad shade

Fun-seekers are shielded from the intense Queensland heat by a collection of fascinating PVC shade structures that were designed to fit in with the Ocean Wonderland theme of the splash zone…. continue reading>>

Frontside View 381 mesh fabric used for sun protection at aqua theme park

October 2022

Soltis Proof 502 dresses installations at the International Garden Festival

The International Garden Festival is well known as a must-attend event for anyone who loves landscaping. Every year, breath-taking tableaux on a particular topic are created from over twenty plots, each between 100 and 250 square metres in size…. continue reading>>

September 2022

Where the Californian sunshine meets modern public square

A custom-produced orange Soltis Horizon 86 protects guests at a shopping and community plaza in California, USA. A 14% open mesh that filters UV and rain, but allows warm air to rise through, keeping the entire space breezy, cool and comfortable for guests…. continue reading>>


August 2022

Soltis shades the sun in the Silo Hotel

To ensure the interior solar protection, the hotel’s spectacular diamond shaped windows have been fitted with Soltis Horizon 86 and Soltis Perform 92…. continue reading>>

Internal blinds in the Silo Hotel lobby are made in Soltis Perform 92 fabrics which offers heat protection and glare-free conditions

August 2022

The architecture of tomorrow emphasises greater creativity and sustainability

Throughout the years, the Serge Ferrari Group has contributed to many events and iconic tensile architecture structures around the world…. continue reading>>

July 2022

Beat the glare and heat with Soltis

Soltis’ unique features separate it from any other products offered in the market presently. This fabric effectively manages heat and glare while still allowing you to keep your view…. continue reading>>

Dropping Soltis blinds instantly provides relief from the heat

June 2022

Ferrari fabrics for indoor and outdoor blinds

When it comes to indoor and outdoor blinds, Ferrari fabrics are the best on the market, not only due to their look and feel, but the functional properties offered as well… continue reading>>

May 2022

Unique experiences,
organic designs

The SADC region offers some of the finest glamping and tented camp venues in the world and Serge Ferrari architectural fabrics have enhanced the design of many of these resorts and camps… continue reading>>

May 2022

Solar protection and perfect outward visibility

Frontside View 381 is a façade mesh developed by Serge Ferrari, used to date in many applications from building refurbs to new builds. The mesh can be used not only in the building sector but also in designing fun & funky shade structures… continue reading>>

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