Beat the glare and heat with Soltis

Soltis is not only the top selling fabric in Europe, but has also become a household name in South Africa, ideal for indoor and outdoor blinds and awnings. Soltis’ unique features separate it from any other products offered in the market presently. This fabric effectively manages heat and glare while still allowing you to keep your view.

Soltis can be used as an internal or external application and is very easily maintained and managed. It outperforms its competition in terms of durability without compromising on its purpose of managing the harsh sun’s rays.

Dropping Soltis blinds instantly provides relief from the heat

Soltis is the ideal solution for houses overlooking the sea where the strong sun and glare might prevent anyone from enjoying the view. While allowing in a dappled light, it doesn’t distract one from what lies beyond the blind! It also controls the internal light ensuring you are able to use your computer screen or watch television.

Soltis can also be found in homes with big glass panels overlooking the city or a beautiful garden. People often draw their curtains closed when the sun comes streaming into their homes, especially during sunrise or sunset. Once this is done, the room becomes dark and your view is completely gone. The same can be said for people who have homes on a golfing estate. So often the homeowner wants to enjoy their view onto the golf course, but privacy becomes an issue, especially if you have glass stacking doors. Soltis allows the homeowner to see out during the day without the golfers seeing in. Glass stacking doors also become hot in summer and act like a greenhouse. Soltis allows the homeowner to make use of all spaces effectively.

In South Africa we enjoy our outdoor lifestyle. Our verandahs are a place we spend a great deal of time on all year round. Soltis is very effective in this space. Whether it is a retractable awning above your head or a drop blind to your side, Soltis allows the homeowner to enjoy the unbeatable South African climate without getting too hot or burnt.

When dropping a Soltis blind, you can feel the instant relief from heat and glare. The Soltis is manufactured as a mesh and then coated – the structure of the mesh allows air to flow through it, making the material breathable. Soltis has been particularly popular in South Africa for outdoor drop blinds. It can cover large areas allowing full enclosure of the verandah as you can see in the below application:

Soltis 86 fabric used for internal blinds, offering view through and glare protection

Soltis has excellent dimensional stability (warp and weft direction). This is very effective with blinds that cover a large distance. The blinds hold their shape for years! Because Soltis material does not need hems on the side, the material rolls up onto the roller without bunching. With these features in place, Soltis always looks neat and seamless in its applications. Soltis is a fabric that blends into its environment and complements any space.

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