Ferrari fabrics for indoor and outdoor blinds

When it comes to indoor and outdoor blinds, Ferrari fabrics are the best on the market, not only due to their look and feel, but the functional properties offered as well.

Solar protection is top of mind, as it should be when choosing fabrics for blinds. Additionally, the fabrics are also anti-fungal treated, making Ferrari fabrics ideal for coastal homes. The fabric is also UV-stabilised, thereby supporting fade-resistance and longevity. Fire retardance is also considered and Ferrari fabrics meet all European and American standards.

The Research & Development team at the Serge Ferrari head office in Lyon, France focus on the homeowner’s needs, as well as those of the commercial sector, when ensuring their fabrics are fit-for-purpose, aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional.

Soltis 86 fabric used for internal blinds, offering view through and glare protection

There is a large variety of blinds you can choose from, all with their own independent style and view through properties. The material selection will depend on your requirements. These are the factors to consider: 

  • Is the application internal or external? 
  • Would you like to keep your view?  
  • Do you have a heat problem? 
  • Is there a strong glare? 
  • Are you facing the sea (seafront homes sometimes must often manage double glare – from the sun and the reflection on the water). 

Answers to the above are considered by the blind maker, and the perfect material will then be chosen for your application. 

The materials range from 14% opening right up to 3% openness. Block out options are also available.

Indoor retractable blind in Serge Ferrari fabric protecting against sea and sun glare

Ferrari fabrics can also be used for fixed or retractable awnings. Here is an image of a retractable awning, with a 5% openness:

Retractable awning with five percent openness, ensuring solar protection and comfort

There are also other options available such as woven fabrics branded Soltis Touch. This material is a dualweave meaning it is woven together using different colours. The colours available are extensive. The Soltis Touch also has acoustic properties, helping to minimise the reverberation in the room.  Here is an image of the Soltis Touch installed:

Soltis Touch woven fabric is ideal for internal blinds, offering acoustic properties as well

What also makes the Serge Ferrari Soltis range so popular is the Precontraint technology (unique to the Serge Ferrari group) where the material is prestressed in the manufacturing process – therefore the material has no memory and will not stretch. Due to the Precontraint technology the material will not wave or shift. As it is installed, so it will remain – given all weather conditions. This becomes a very important factor to consider with long span outdoor drop blinds on a veranda.  Many of these blinds span over 3 metres. Stability in the material becomes a key factor. If the material is not prestressed, the material will start to sag and become wavy, and it will roll up creating crease marks, which don’t come out easily when you roll it back down.

All Soltis fabrics come with a warranty of 5 years. The fabric can last double, if not triple, that amount of time. It is easy to clean with water and a brush if need be.

 A blind should not be purely decorative, as functionality and longevity are just as important.  This is exactly what Serge Ferrari have achieved with the Soltis range.

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