French air base wraps itself in Frontside View 381 envelope

Serge Ferrari Group’s Frontside View 381 membrane was selected to wrap a building on Air Base 105, in Évreux-Fauville, France, home to a new Franco-German military transport unit. Frontside View 381 is a mesh for textile façades to preserve outward visibility. In new-build and renovation projects, it reduces heat inside the building.

Frontside View 381 mesh used on building on Air Base 105 in France

More than a project, but a symbol

AB 105 is a military air base located a few minutes outside of Évreux, Normandy. The site has recently undergone a major redevelopment, including the construction of new aircraft maintenance hangars and modernised office facilities.
The additional facilities were needed to house a new Franco-German mixed transport unit, a joint enterprise initiated as part of the vision for European military cooperation promoted by France and Germany.

Bringing individuals closer through architecture

The idea of two cultures uniting and engaging with one another has inspired the creative approach of Paris-based architecture studio JFS Architectes, the leading architects on the project. The design concept needed to ensure the building’s functional efficiency, while also integrating a cross-cultural dimension.

The architecture for the complex naturally helps bring individuals closer, delivering cohesion across operations, corps and national cultures. Distribution and orientation of the various spaces facilitates engagement between workshop and office personnel. Within the new buildings, French and German forces are encouraged to unite their skills to achieve greater efficiency. And the project responds to that overarching objective by creating optimised entrance journeys and circulation paths within the facilities.

Frontside View 381 is a mesh for textile facades for buildings
Thermal protection with a Frontside View 381 textile building envelope

Frontside View 381 wrapped architecture

To create the outer skin of the office building, JFS Architectes opted for a metal-fabric solution that wraps the structure. In total, almost 1 300sqm of Serge Ferrari Group’s Frontside View 381 membrane have been used to dress the new building. A combination of three colours — cherry black, silver metal and hammered metal — create a gradient finish, bringing the facade to life.

Highly resistant and fully printable, this technical fabric protects occupants from the sun’s heat, reducing the building’s reliance on air conditioning. It also helps maintain the privacy of office spaces within, blocking visibility from outside while preserving views from inside.
And to top it off, the new building’s textile envelope makes a strong aesthetic statement, enhancing the squadron’s image.

Textile facades provide protection from heat and ensure outward visibility

Benefits of the Frontside View 381:

  • It provides thermal protection, which blocks up to 81% of the sun’s heat
  • It provides durable resistance. It’s resistant to the effects of weather (wind, hail, UV)
  • It also provides visual comfort.

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