Innovating outdoor living: Explore the Flexlight Natome 500, the next frontier in sustainable design


Serge Ferrari has just launched the Flexlight Natome 500 onto the market. It is elegant and performant, the most natural fabric for glamping. The real feature to this product is that it is PVC free (combining linen and cotton yarn) which give it a lovely look and feel. It also has a lovely range of colours, is flame retardant, and has an M2 rating.

In the realm of outdoor living, the Natome 500 emerges as a ground-breaking product, offering durability, aesthetic appeal and sustainability for various settings such as outdoor hotels, bungalows, ecolodges and lodges. This composite membrane redefines outdoor fabric, placing sobriety and sustainability at its core.

  • Eco-friendly foundation:

At the heart of Natome 500 lies a 100% natural backing, a blend of linen and cotton yarns. This environmentally-friendly combination not only reflects a commitment to sustainability but also ensures a visually pleasing and harmonious aesthetic.

  • PVC-free excellence:

Natome 500 takes a step further in environmental consciousness by incorporating a PVC-free coating. The absence of PVC and fluorocarbon (Standard C6) reduces its impact on the environment, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly materials.

  • Unmatched efficiency and performance:

Safety is a top priority, evident in Natome 500’s compliance with the highest fireproofing standards. This innovation ensures not only visual appeal but also a secure environment for users. Additionally, the fabric boasts excellent water resistance, making it easy to maintain and clean.

  • Serenity and comfort:

The Natome 500 introduces a natural colour range, allowing seamless integration into various landscapes. Its availability in a spectrum of natural shades ensures a perfect match with the surroundings. Moreover, the fabric provides privacy through blackout capabilities, guaranteeing occupants a sense of seclusion at any time of the day.

Frédéric Roure, Business Manager Modular Structure, emphasises the unique approach taken in the creation of Natome 500. “By merging the technological and industrial features of the past with the latest advancements, the Natome 500 meets the demands of today’s market. This retro-innovation draws on the history and know-how developed by the Serge Ferrari Group. We use the past as a source of ideas to create reliable, high-performance products aligned with carbon footprint reduction trends. The Natome 500 is thus the link between past and present, symbolising our history and our commitment to more responsible innovation.”

  • Embracing the past, advancing the future:

Natome 500 stands as a testament to the fusion of historical expertise with modern technology. By drawing inspiration from the past, Serge Ferrari Group has crafted a product that not only aligns with contemporary market needs but also underscores a dedication to responsible innovation. In essence, Natome 500 bridges the gap between bygone eras and the current push for sustainability, embodying a legacy and commitment to a greener future.

As outdoor spaces become an integral part of contemporary living, the Natome 500 emerges not just as a fabric but as a symbol of responsible design, a nod to the past, and a promise for a more sustainable tomorrow.

 View the Flexlight Natome 500 sample card here.

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