Where the Californian sunshine meets modern public square

A custom-produced orange Soltis Horizon 86 protects guests at a shopping and community plaza in California, USA. The City Center Bishop Ranch is a vibrant 27,900 square metre shopping, community and lifestyle destination in San Ramon, California. Renowned architects Renzo Piano, were inspired by the stunning natural surroundings of San Ramon’s rolling hills and designed, with BAR Architects and Sunset Development, an open-air destination with a nod to old world public squares.

To provide shading to the large space, Eide Industries Inc. manufactured a glass escalator canopy as well as 186 fabric awnings in various sizes (yes, you read that correctly, 186!), with a coverage area of 645 square metres.


The awnings were made with Serge Ferrari Soltis Horizon 86, a 14% open mesh that filters UV and rain, but allows warm air to rise through, keeping the entire space breezy, cool and comfortable for guests. A custom orange colour was specially produced for the project, giving vibrance to the space.

Built with Precontraint® technology, Soltis Horizon 86 will continue to look beautiful for many years with its strength and inherent resistance to fading, stretching and tears.

Well-received for the South African sunshine too

Soltis Horizon 86 offers unrivalled outward visibility and a level of natural light transmission that is beneficial to user well-being. This fabric is also very useful in most South African cities and is available locally through Synchron Markings. The sunshine in South African cities is similar to that of the Californian sunshine.


Excellent transparency

Soltis Horizon 86 provides excellent outward visual contact to enjoy the view even when the awning is lowered. It proves its efficiency by blocking up to 93% of the heat in outdoor use.


Optimised natural light contribution

 Soltis Horizon 86 promotes natural light intake, which has advantages for businesses or domestic homes, including: 

  • energy savings by reducing the use of artificial lighting 
  • the well-being, health and productivity of people in a professional or private environment.

All the colours of Soltis Horizon 86 are coordinated with Soltis Perform 92 in order to:

  • harmonise all the facades of a building
  • meet visual comfort needs according to each facade’s orientation
  • adjust thermal protection to save energy.

 The new Soltis Horizon 86 range features colours designed by our design office to complement the building’s entire environment (joinery, openings and facades). The colours present tones that match the most common colours (RAL and NCS references).


Exclusive Precontraint® technology

This unique globally patented technology consists of maintaining the composite in bi-axial tension throughout the manufacturing cycle. This gives our materials outstanding performance allowing them to surpass market standards in terms of dimensional stability, mechanical strength, coating thickness and flatness.

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Project Participants

Fabricator/Installer: EIDE INDUSTRIES, INC.

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