Now trending in foils…

April 2024

Enhance your products with hot stamping plastic decoration

Add metallised décor finishing, glossy or matte finishes, visual depth and 3D effects with KURZ hot stamping decorative foils for plastic surfaces…… continue reading>>

Colour ranges for COLORIT and UNICOLOR hot stamping foils

April 2024

Rethink what’s possible at drupa 2024

drupa 2024 takes place from 28 May until 7 June in Dusseldorf. Make sure you visit KURZ’s stand in Hall 3, Booth E71-1 and discover the future of embellishment…… continue reading>>

KURZ printing embellishment on show at drupa 2024

March 2024

Think thinner: PET reduction on transfer products

KURZ has reduced the thickness of their PET films in line with their commitment to sustainability. The films are now more sustainable, produce less waste, are more performant and offer a lower CO2 footprint….. continue reading>>

March 2024

Graphics – Print & Packaging: Expanding horizons in metallic decoration

KURZ’s DIGITAL METAL® concept revolutionises metallic decoration in print finishing. Featuring stamping foils with elegant, real metal, DIGITAL METAL® offers digital printing capabilities for the first time…… continue reading>>

KURZ’s DIGITAL METAL® concept revolutionises metallic decoration in print finishing

January 2024

Transforming textiles with hot stamping foils 

Synchron Markings, in collaboration with KURZ, is at the forefront of introducing the textile industry to the unparalleled possibilities that genuine leather hot stamped with foil can offer…… continue reading>>

Hot stamping foils used to embellish leather and textiles

December 2023

Results of the Label Design Awards 2023: Wine & Beer

With 50 wine and 26 beer entries, competition was fierce in the 2023 Label Design Awards for Wine, Beer and Spirits. Here are the results…… continue reading>>

A selection of entrants in the 2023 Label Design Awards for Wine

November 2023

Celebrating Vietnam: The 2024 KURZ Calendar unveiled

Every year, the KURZ calendar showcases the rich tapestry of a different country’s culture and heritage. For 2024, the spotlight falls on Vietnam, a choice deeply intertwined with the inauguration of KURZ’s new production site….. continue reading>>

Cold transfer process used to add the vibrant colours to the 2024 Kurz calendar

November 2023

Case Study: “Karoo Mermaid” – Redefining Packaging Design with AI Integration

Bravo Design, a trailblazing design agency, was selected as one of twenty global agencies to participate in the prestigious Make a Mark global project….. continue reading>>

Karoo Mermaid bottle part of the Make A Mark packaging design project

October 2023

The art of hot stamping: The full lowdown

In a rapidly evolving world, where markets are in constant motion, one thing stands firm: Hot stamping remains the pinnacle solution for elevating surface aesthetics in the graphic industry….. continue reading>>

Decorative finishes with hot stamping in print and packaging

October 2023

Unravelling the art of foiling in printing

In the world of packaging, labels, books and commercial artwork, choosing the right finishing technique is crucial. From cardboard to plastic films and bookbinding materials, each substrate demands a tailored approach….. continue reading>>

Foiling is a finishing technique to add lustre to your packaging

August 2023

KURZ unveils revolutionary labelling innovations at Labelexpo Europe 2023

This year’s showcase is all about pushing the boundaries of creativity, sustainability and security. From the analogue to the digital, from matte to high gloss, KURZ invites attendees to dive into an immersive world of finishing that redefine possibilities….. continue reading>>

Kurz engineers the future of embellishment at Labelexpo 2023

August 2023

KURZ focus on design and sustainability at interpack 2023

LEONHARD KURZ, an expert in plastic surface solutions, is continuously developing its products in terms of sustainability, for example, by creating a transfer carrier up to 50% thinner than usual to reduce material usage….. continue reading>>

KURZ boxes concept shows the various options for print packaging

August 2023

Advancements in 2D digital machine technology for web & sheetfed printing

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive printing industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses seeking to offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients. One such technology that has been revolutionising the world of printing is the 2D Digital Machine….. continue reading>>

Enhancing print products with digital embellishments

July 2023

Textile foils for glamorous appearances: Enhancing fashion through decoration

Fashion meets technology with metallised foils. In the ever-evolving world of fashion, designers are constantly seeking new ways to push boundaries and create stunning, eye-catching designs….. continue reading>>

July 2023

KURZ stamping foils: Recyclable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable

KURZ, a renowned provider of stamping foils, prioritises sustainability and has taken significant steps to minimise environmental impact throughout their production processes….. continue reading>>

Stamping foils for labels and packaging from KURZ adhere to environmental requirements

June 2023

Makeup for packaging – enhancing with stamping technology

In the world of product presentation, appearances matter. It is widely recognised that customers not only focus on the contents of a product but also pay significant attention to its packaging….. continue reading>>

Attractive designs for plastic cosmetic packaging

May 2023

A new era of whisky-based spirits

The Mash Tun holds a crucial role in every distillery, where malt, water, and heat harmonise, creating a blend that epitomises the dedication, hard work, and innovative spirit of the James Sedgwick Distillery. However, the Mash Tun itself is not just a whisky—it is a whisky-based spirit aperitif infused with additional flavourants, offering mixability, a lower ABV, and a sweeter profile….. continue reading>>

The Mash Tun branding is intended to appeal to a younger demographic than traditional whisky drinkers

May 2023

Enhance your packaging with foiling

Packaging plays a crucial role in the marketing and preservation of products. With increasing competition in the market, businesses must find ways to make their products stand out. One way to achieve this is by incorporating foiling and hot stamping on the packaging…. continue reading>>

Foiling on this wine bottle label adds a perception of luxury

April 2023

Innovative hot stamping systems

As a subsidiary of the KURZ-Group, a global leader in hot stamping foils, BAIER is part of a unique network of three leading companies in the hot stamping sector. They are capable of serving a diverse range of markets…. continue reading>>

Eye-catching design made using Baier hot stamping machine and Kurz foils

April 2023

Three Ships Millennium revolutionises luxury packaging with premium design

To stay ahead in the market, top brands must adapt to change. Three Ships Whisky, as a leader in its class, has set the standard in South Africa…. continue reading>>

Kurz Box No 2 incorporates four design trends for packaging

April 2023

Kurz presents the latest edition of its “Box next to Box”

The design team at KURZ knows that design doesn’t just mean creating visual incentives at the POS, but it also conveys credibility and acts as a brand ambassador between the customer and your product….. continue reading>>

Kurz Box No 2 incorporates four design trends for packaging

April 2023

A huge success for this year’s Propak East Africa

Synchron Markings attended Propak East Africa this year. Held at the Sarit Exhibition Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, this show is East Africa’s leading exhibition & conference for the packaging, printing, food-processing and plastics industries….. continue reading>>

Propak East Africa 2023

March 2023

Use single-image applications and continuous designs for efficient finishing

Efficient, sustainable, and commercially viable: Without sacrificing design, the KURZ DISTORUN® cold transfer module, available locally through Synchron Markings, reduces costs and saves resources….. continue reading>>

Kurz Distorun cold transfer module for label finishing

February 2023

Make embelishment even more efficient and sustainable on your packaging

Brand owners are seeking to add value to their labels through decorative tooling, special effects and exquisite finishing, a trend that’s driving the converting and finishing equipment market….. continue reading>>

Embossing and foiling are top choices to catch consumers’ attention.

February 2023

Adamsrib wins major industry award for Neil Ellis West Coast Sauvignon Blanc label

Synchron Markings recently chatted to Anso Cilliers, owner of Adamsrib Creative Solutions, who shared the inside story on the making of their recent Label Design Awards Grand Prix winning label….. continue reading>>

Sand varnish detail enhances the West Coast origins of the wine

January 2023

Pure Creative takes Silver and Bronze in 2022 Label Design Awards

The eighth annual Wine Label Design Awards, the fifth annual Beer Label Design Awards and the third Spirits Label Design Awards took place on 1 December 2022….. continue reading>>


January 2023

Make your product unique, sustainable and stand out from

the crowd

Sustainability has grown to play a significant role in a brand’s success. We can anticipate that sustainability will only increase in importance in 2023 and beyond as consumer purchasing behaviours continue to change.…. continue reading>>

December 2022

Brand enhancement with foiling from Synchron

When it comes to brand enhancement, Synchron provides undisputed expertise. As MD, Sarah Sonnenberg, puts it: ‘We’re all about quality, service and innovation, but our goal is always to enhance a brand by making it stand out from the rest.’ .…. continue reading>>


November 2022

Revisiting the successful co-launch for ‘Make a mark’ innovation incubator at Luxe Pack

The collaboration platform to accelerate innovation in wine and spirits packaging launched by AVERY DENNISON, ESTAL, and LEONHARD KURZ during the 2021 Luxe Pack in Monaco.…. continue reading>>

Foil embellishment on whisky bottle label

October 2022

At Synchron, we make things work, beautifully 

Foil improves visibility in the retail setting when applied appropriately. The product will not only catch your eye visually, but it will also make you want to “touch and feel” it. Making the sale depends on getting the customer to “engage” with your product.…. continue reading>>

Using stamping foils on labels adds lustre and visual attraction

October 2022

Balancing cost, sustainability and finishes in print and packaging

Leonhard Kurz investigated at virtual.drupa in 2021 how brand owners and converters may deal with the present issues in print finishing, such as grabbing attention with product packaging while operating sustainable and budget-conscious businesses. This subject still has a lot of relevance today and is worth discussing…. continue reading>>

Foil embellished gin packaging

September 2022

Premium textile decoration with lasting feel-good effect

Synchron Markings has a large portfolio of metallised colours and holographic designs that can be used to decorate fabric. With metallised foils, it’s possible to create metal effects on pre-treated textiles, artificial leather and also genuine leather…. continue reading>>


September 2022

Hot stamping on glass 

Hot stamping or foil printing is one of the most cost-effective decoration techniques for branding or customising a packaging component. Hot stamping produces a luxurious appearance and brings a strong value-add to a glass product…. continue reading>>


August 2022

Sustainability is Synchron’s competitive edge

Synchron believes sustainable print finishing generates sustainable and competitive advantages in fierce markets…. continue reading>>

Cold foil transfer with KPS offer many print finishing options for attractive packaging

July 2022

KURZ LABEL WEEKS launched, creating a face-to-face event for the label and packaging industry

KURZ and several subsidiaries are presenting solutions for the hot stamping, cold transfer, and digital embellishment sectors…. continue reading>>

May 2022

Brand Magic: Bracing for the battle at the POS

It’s not easy being a brand. Brands have to remain unmistakably themselves, always and forever. Yet at the same time they always have to reinvent themselves, without forgetting who they are…. continue reading>>

May 2022

wine label is more than a promise 

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but consumers do it every day. In-store, labels provide a promise of the product that lies within, helping brands stand out among the ever-increasing clutter…. continue reading>>

April 2022

Making cold transfer more efficient and sustainable

LEONHARD KURZ has developed KPS Slim Patent Pending cold transfer technology for decorating substrates with a high gloss finish that provides excellent coverage and edge definition… continue reading>>

It’s simple really. The better the packaging the better the perceived value.  KURZ foils provides our brand with a direct route to the “buying brain” – and it shows on the bottom line…

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