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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is it really?

In 1892, gold-leaf distributors KURZ understood that in order for something to be noticed, be beautiful, and be superior, it needed a special kind of embellishment. For over 50 years, Synchron has supplied KURZ stamping foils that have enhanced hundreds of brands.

Foil improves visibility in the retail setting when applied appropriately. The product will not only catch your eye visually, but it will also make you want to “touch and feel” it. Making the sale depends on getting the customer to “engage” with your product.

Beauty and beyond

There’s more to a brand than good looks. Using cutting-edge technology, design creativity and innovation, stamping foils can make products work better, be smarter and communicate more. According to research by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA), foil hot stamping is more effective than other packaging at grabbing and holding consumers’ attention when it comes to product packaging. When people see packaging or a product with this form of branding, the product frequently has a greater perceived value. The sheen and finish of foil hot stamping is linked with premium quality.

Using stamping foils on labels adds lustre and visual attraction

With application possibilities ranging from plastics, textiles, coated and uncoated paper, cardboard and more, there really is no limit to the way that stamping foils can be used. Stamping foils have made a lasting impression on a wide variety of industries including publishing, packaging, textiles and plastics.

Available in metallic, flat colour, pigmented, transparent, holographic, diffractive, thermal transfer and relief finishes. To further enhance your brand, foils can be embedded with functional elements to protect the brand’s products and connect with customers.

Why Wine?

Foil labels are frequently seen adorning luxury goods, and wine is typically thought of as a luxury good. Does that imply that foil wine labels and wine bottles are a marketing marriage made in heaven? It depends. 

Labels are frequently thought of being functional, and in some cases, this is true. Labels are much more than “brand bearers” or “information presenters” when it comes to a product like wine, whose value is inferred in part by how upscale, glamorous, or refined the bottle appears. They are a component of the product’s visual attractiveness.

Wine isn’t only about taste; it’s also about origin. Sarah Sonnenberg, MD of Synchron explains that, “When you use foils on a wine label, your product isn’t only visually enhanced, it’s also protected. It can be tracked and traced, it can be authenticated, and it can interact with anyone along the distribution chain. Using advanced optical technology alongside serial numbers, logos and QR codes, stamping foils reduce counterfeiting and strengthen brand identity.”  

Whether your needs are small or large, your budget endless or limited, we’ll help you establish which product is best suited to your needs.

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It’s simple really. The better the packaging the better the perceived value.  KURZ foils provides our brand with a direct route to the “buying brain” – and it shows on the bottom line…

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