Boxes No.3: Striking out for more humanity

In the dynamic world of packaging, staying ahead of trends is crucial for building brand trust and customer loyalty. At KURZ, represented in South Africa by Synchron Markings, we recognise that packaging design goes beyond aesthetics; it plays a vital role in the overall brand experience. Our forward-thinking product concepts reflect current and future trends, paving the way for enduring customer relationships.

Boxes No 3 is a collection of packaging design trends specifically aimed at Generation Z

The lines between the artificial and the real are increasingly blurred in today’s time. Despite advances in the metaverse, AI and virtual reality, there is a renewed focus on understanding what it means to be truly human. This shift is slowing the rapid changes that have led to vague forms of expression. Instead, Generation Z is demanding clear statements and reflections on future technologies. Artificial intelligence is also creating new possibilities, allowing these upcoming generations to see their computer-generated infinity reflected in tangible product worlds.

The Error 404 design trend by KURZ gives a more honest portrayal of reality

Error 404: Unveiling the truth

  • Trend research

In today’s design world, there is no more glossing over imperfections. Mistakes are exposed for what they are—problems, not challenges. The facade of advertising is giving way to a more honest portrayal of reality. Designers are highlighting societal and human flaws, using fashion as a medium to protest against fake perfection. This movement, named Error 404, is about resilience and reconnection. It aims to build people up, promoting mental health and genuine human interaction.

  • Trend colours

– Deep Dark LUMAFIN 791: Disguises defects, giving a mysterious shine and highlighting important issues that need attention.

– Emerging Yellow LUXOR 111004: A luminous yellow that highlights problems, demanding attention with shiny metallic effects.

– LIGHT LINE Blur: Represents the interplay between defect and perfection, shifting between grey and rainbow hues to show that nothing is ever as it seems.

    The Go Social packaging design trend emphasises sharing, inclusion and responsibility

    Go Social: Embracing responsibility

    • Trend research

    Generation Z demands social responsibility and rejects materialism for its own sake. Ownership now comes with the duty to contribute to the community and protect the environment. This shift is evident in lifestyle choices that prioritise sustainability and social equity, from luxury camping setups to socially conscious housing designs.

    • Design concept

    This design emphasises sharing, inclusion and responsibility. Basic shapes and modest metallic colours symbolise togetherness and community. The tactile surfaces and diffractive letters encourage a positive, playful engagement with social issues, promoting change through collaboration.

    • Trend colours

    – Connecting Teal LUXOR 111008: Inspires trust and connection with its harmonious blend of teal-green, petrol, and blue.

    – Society Red LUXOR 111006: A muted red that evokes security and acceptance, encouraging a sense of community and support.

    – LIGHT LINE Thread: Intersects diverse lines and colours, promoting diversity and tolerance with its rainbow effect.

    1000 Universes packaging design trend embodies modern surrealism and calls for safe digital spaces

    1000 Universes: Embracing infinite possibilities

    • Trend research

    In the age of AI, everyone can create their ideal world, from fantastical realms to intergalactic adventures. This trend, 1000 Universes, embodies modern surrealism and calls for safe digital spaces governed by legal regulations. Designs in this realm embrace organic forms that offer protection and a sense of belonging.

    • Design concept

    This design explores infinite possibilities, creating worlds that reflect individual dreams. It features self-reproducing, fluid shapes that transition between 2D and 3D, with metallic shimmers and light reflections symbolising endless potential.

    • Trend colours

    – Meta Violet LUXOR 111005: A high-gloss, metallic purple that represents the intersection of AI and human creativity.

    – Blue Infinity LUMAFIN 743: A transparent, weightless blue that inspires imagination and innovation.

    – LIGHT LINE warp: Represents the dynamic nature of galaxies with its reflective, shimmering areas, symbolising a state of constant flux.

    The Uber World design trend features exaggerated colours and patterns

    Uber World: Touching fantasy

    • Trend research

    Uber World translates the infinite possibilities of the digital world into tangible experiences. It features exaggerated colours and patterns that stimulate all the senses, questioning our desire for excess and critiquing our materialistic culture.

    • Design concept

    This design reflects the overwhelming sensory input of our world. It uses tactile, sparkling surfaces and a wild mix of colours to challenge the senses and represent the flood of impressions we face daily.

    • Trend colours

    – Matt Art COLORIT V 307047: A thick, opaque colour that demands attention and interaction.

    – Above Purple LUXOR 111007: A deep, metallic purple with a captivating flop effect that shifts to aubergine, stimulating visual curiosity.

    – LIGHT LINE Over: A holographic decor that represents the endless possibilities of the digital world, with constantly shifting geometric patterns.

    A box of packaging design trends to attract Generation Z

    These trends and designs highlight the evolving relationship between technology and humanity. They emphasise the importance of social responsibility, community and the infinite potential of creative expression. As we navigate the complexities of our digital and physical worlds, these trends remind us of the power of design to reflect and shape our experiences.

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