Innovative hot stamping systems

As a subsidiary of the KURZ-Group, a global leader in hot stamping foils, BAIER is part of a unique network of three leading companies in the hot stamping sector. They are capable of serving a diverse range of markets, including graphics and healthcare, with high-quality machines that are both flexible and easy to operate. Its stamping machines are ideal for decorating small quantities of products, making initial test stampings, and enhancing components with or without foil.

Eye-catching design made using Baier hot stamping machine and Kurz foils


In the healthcare industry, BAIER’s high-precision embossing technology and experienced team enable them to develop durable prints for medical products that meet the required clean room conditions. Their dry and solvent-free decoration process ensures process safety and monitoring, which can be integrated into the machine, thereby improving process reliability and productivity.

Functional foil bonding

For functional foil bonding, BAIER offers hot stamping machines that provide creative and technical possibilities to meet high aesthetic and functional demands. From simple pneumatic machines for small quantities to fully automated special solutions with handling and inline cleaning, they have the right machine for your needs.
Device manufacturers use this to meet the high aesthetic and functional demands of the consumers. The pioneering position is particularly evident in the design variety and brilliant surface quality for your components. The enhancement of control buttons is not limited to decoration alone, but also extends to enhancement with higher functionality through Functional Foil Bonding – stamping of foils with touch function. Simple pneumatic machines are feasible for individual quantities in small or large versions, depending on component size, up to fully automated special solutions with handling and inline cleaning.

Baier hot stamping machine for enhancing prints with foils
Hot stamping decoration on a door trim

Manual hot stamping machines

In addition, BAIER provides manual hot stamping machines that are still widely used today in many parts of the industrial world, particularly for decorating small batches and making initial test stampings. They are easy to operate, offer short setup times, and are flexible in the stamping process. Whether you want to enhance your products with or without foil (blind embossing), these manual stamping machines are the perfect choice for your projects. Fields of application for manually operated hot stamping machines are the graphics industry (decoration of paper, cardboard, posters, etc.), as well as the leather and plastics industry.
BAIER is dedicated to supporting its customers in the competition for differentiation by providing reliable and innovative stamping solutions.

    492 Protect Mesh is a versatile mesh fabric suitable for marine applications

    BAIER has been a reliable source of mechanical engineering, embossing dies, finishing foils, and services for over 70 years. Its commitment to innovation ensures that its customers can still count on them today. BAIER specialises in fulfilling your design requirements in the plastics sector, offering customised production systems ranging from small manual machines to complex production lines with high performance. The company’s many years of experience and in-house development department enable them to design production systems according to client’s specifications. The company also partners with renowned component manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality solutions.

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