KURZ focus on design and sustainability at interpack 2023

LEONHARD KURZ, an expert in plastic surface solutions, is continuously developing its products in terms of sustainability, for example, by creating a transfer carrier up to 50% thinner than usual to reduce material usage.

With RECOSYS, KURZ becomes the first company in the world in the plastics industry to develop a take-back and recycling system in which used carrier material can be reprocessed.

KURZ exhibits at interpack 2023

Packaging and Print Media business manager Glywnnis Wells and KURZ’s head of business area packaging and print Stéphane Royère at Interpack 2023.

At interpack 2023, KURZ presented further development of RECOSYS that enables even greater CO2 savings thanks to an optimised process. RECOSYS 2.0 is an absolute highlight topic for KURZ, as illustrated impressively by the extraordinary stand concept. ‘With this technology, we’re giving brand owners a chance to differentiate themselves from competitors on the shelves,’ says KURZ’s head of business area packaging and print Stéphane Royère.

With the help of RECOSYS® 2.0, surplus carrier materials from the graphic industry can now be processed into recycled PET (abbreviated: rPET) for the first time. rPET is used, among other things, in the manufacture of plastic bottles or plastic packaging and also offers a wide range of possible uses. “We are currently the only manufacturer in the industry that converts the PET carrier of our ultra-thin transfer decoration into valuable raw material. Our long-term goal is to recycle all our products and use them to produce new carrier material. This will enable us to achieve a truly circular economy in the future, where excess material no longer has to end up in the trash,” says Rolf Schmidtke, RECOSYS® 2.0 project manager at LEONHARD KURZ.

With its modular UV-LED digital printing solutions, KURZ subsidiary MPRINT demonstrated the possibilities of late-stage individualisation in sheet-fed printing live on site. The innovative machines are suitable for the digital printing of blister packaging, cards, and folding cartons, ensuring greater sustainability while offering efficiency and flexibility. The core of the new solution is a vacuum conveyor belt on which various printing units can be installed.

KURZ boxes concept shows the various options for print packaging

Two other subsidiaries were represented at the KURZ booth with their products and solutions: Hinderer + Mühlich (H+M), a leading global manufacturer of hot stamping dies, and ISIMAT, a machine manufacturer with proven expertise in finishing tubes, glasses, aluminium, and plastic articles.

The company presented various decoration solutions on the ‘Inspiration Wall’ at the KURZ stand, allowing visitors to discover the multiple options and new decoration solutions from KURZ.

LEONHARD KURZ is represented and distributed in South Africa by Synchron Markings.

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