KURZ LABEL WEEKS launched, creating a face-to-face event for the label and packaging industry

After more than two years without live events and face-to-face exchange, the label and packaging industry was excited at the prospect of getting together at Labelexpo in Brussels. The disappointment was all the greater when the show was cancelled just weeks before its scheduled start due to increasingly uncertain supply chains and the unpredictable development in Ukraine, according to a statement of the Labelexpo team. 

LEONHARD KURZ took the cancellation as an opportunity to proactively react to the situation. Launched on 20 June 2022, and continuing until October 28 2022, the thin-film specialist is showcasing ground-breaking innovations at its in-house trade fair, KURZ LABEL WEEKS, at the group headquarters in Fürth (Germany). Synchron Markings is the sole agent for LEONHARD KURZ in South Africa. For anything you would like to know about the machines on display, please contact us.

In an area of more than 400 square metres, KURZ and several subsidiaries are presenting solutions for the hot stamping, cold transfer, and digital embellishment sectors. Also, visitors can experience innovative security labels and thermal transfer ribbons.

“On the one hand, our motivation was to bring the industry together and meet the need for personal, direct exchange – not via camera and microphone, but face to face,” explains Stéphane Royère, Head of Business Area Packaging and Print at KURZ. “On the other hand, in the label and packaging industry, it often makes a huge difference whether you only hear and read about something or experience it first-hand. Here, I could mention the live demonstration of a new machine as an example.”

Future-proof digital embellishment

Wine label with digital metallisation

Visitors can look forward to plenty of live demonstrations of different machines by KURZ and its subsidiaries. One focus lies on digital finishing. At the KURZ LABEL WEEKS fair, the thinfilm specialist presented the latest embellishment units: DM-UNILINER 2D by KURZ subsidiary MPRINT and DM-UNILINER 3D by KURZ subsidiary Steinemann DPE. Both machines ensure cost-efficient and resource-saving decoration. The digital metallisation units can be used independently of the existing printing system and process. Also, they enable digital finishing in pre-print and post-print processing, thus ensuring the greatest possible flexibility. Live at the show, KURZ is enhancing labels and packaging with coating effects and metallisation, among other things.


Product safety with added value for manufacturers and consumers

KURZ and SCRIBOS offer new security labels with brand protection and resistant to counterfeiting and tampering

In cooperation with its subsidiary SCRIBOS, KURZ is developing innovative security labels. As part of the trade fair, visitors can learn more about a brand-new security label that offers significant advantages: reliable brand protection combined with fully automated proof of originality for consumers. The proven TRUSTSEAL® Protect technology by LEONHARD KURZ is equipped with proprietary security features and is therefore particularly resistant to counterfeiting and tampering. ValiGate®, the non-copyable security pattern from SCRIBOS, closes the gap between physical and digital protection. The intelligent structure placed behind the QR code on the label gives the code a copy-protected identity


Hot stamping and cold transfer: unique decorations for every need

Shampoo bottle using cold transfer labels with Alufin embellishment

With DISTORUN®, KURZ is presenting another highly efficient module that contributes to sustainable, economical production. The material-saving unit, which can be used to implement single-image and continuous decors in cold transfer, enables the reprinting of free areas on transfer products that have already been processed. This way, each roll can be used several times – adhering to the principle of sustainability. And best of all, the module can be easily connected to existing presses.

The GIETZ FSA 1060 Foil Commander is the highlight in several live demos. The all-rounder developed by the Swiss machine manufacturer shines with its versatile application options in hot stamping.

A double-embossed hot-stamped acquavite bottle label

In the field of hot stamping, visitors can also look forward to another highlight: experiencing the stamping tools by KURZ subsidiary Hinderer + Mühlich (H+M). The established tool manufacturer recently presented a revolutionary development: NanoEmbossing. This solution allows manufacturers to emboss patterns and gradients, matting and photographic effects on labels, folding boxes, book covers, or greeting cards.

Sustainability at every step of the way

Whether it is hot stamping, cold transfer, or digital printing: KURZ has always prioritised constantly optimising its processes and solutions in terms of sustainability. The thin-film specialist is showcasing the latest advances in this field.

Among other things, KURZ has remarkably reduced the thickness of the carrier in several transfer products, achieving significant material savings. At the trade show, the company is demonstrating the ECOFIN® hot stamping quality, which requires only a 10-µm carrier instead of a 12-µm carrier. Other highlights are the cold transfer grades KPS slim (patent pending) for sheet-fed and KPW slim (patent pending) for roll-fed applications, which require only 6 µm.

Eye-catching labelling on tequila bottle achieved using digital embellishment

TTR: The three evolutionary stages of label finishing

The KURZ Thermal Transfer division has its own area at the trade show. Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR) already enable efficient and sustainable label design. LEONHARD KURZ has taken the technology to a new level by implementing future-oriented solutions with superior additional functions.

‘Communicating’ forms the basis and describes the KURZ comprehensive range of classic thermal transfer ribbons that ensure reliable communication of variable data. ‘Branding’ represents the second stage of the TTR evolution. With its extensive colour palette, KURZ offers unique possibilities. The coating expert develops thermal transfer ribbons in the exclusive corporate colours of the client. Even metallisation and filigree details can be perfectly reproduced.

Under the name ‘Protecting,’ KURZ ignites the third stage of evolution in brand protection and delivers absolute innovation. Thanks to TTR Unique UV and TTR Unique VEROSPEC®, manufacturers can equip labels and other TTR prints with security features.

Both TTR Unique UV and TTR Unique VEROSPEC® are individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

Eye-catching labelling on tequila bottle achieved using digital embellishment

Appointments can be booked now

Interested parties that are able to make it to Fürth in person can now select a free date in our trade fair calendar on the website, which will then be confirmed by e-mail. KURZ will also offer a digital platform on which the displayed machines and products can be examined during the trade fair period. Click here for more on the KURZ LABEL WEEKS.

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