Kurz presents the latest edition of its “Box next to Box”

Brand trust and long-term customer loyalty are the pillars of a successful company. Packaging design plays a decisive role in the overall brand experience. The design team at KURZ knows that design doesn’t just mean creating visual incentives at the POS, but it also conveys credibility and acts as a brand ambassador between the customer and your product.

Kurz Box No 2 incorporates four design trends for packaging

Aesthetics and customer interaction go hand in hand in effective business communication. Additionally, Kurz’s designs address the escalating problems caused by technology, globalisation, and sustainability. Our creative and appealing product ideas are more than just a quick glance. They give you the chance to establish a long-lasting client connection while taking into account the trends of today and tomorrow. The newest collection was put together by KURZ designers Annie Kuschel (Head of Design Management) and Julia König (Senior Designer in the Packaging & Printing Industry), who translated the most fascinating trends of the moment into enthralling, innovative designs. The improved “Box next to Box 2. two” transforms trends into tangible concept and colour examples, which is perfect for motivating and educating the design community. Experts Kuschel and König give us a behind-the-scenes look at the brand-new design box and lift the lid on the current trends.

Kurz Box No 2 is easy to recycle

With its new ‘Boxes N°2’, KURZ has once again marked the LuxePack show this year. Kuschel and König, draw on current design trends and work hand in hand with the R&D departments to design bold, durable and inspiring boxes for their customers.

The Random trend in packaging design

The Control trend in packaging design

The Dark Matter trend in packaging design

The Boldism trend in packaging design

  • What is the idea behind this singular innovation approach?

Annie Kuschel: At KURZ, we have been conducting studies on current societal trends for more than 10 years to understand how they impact creativity. This gives rise each year to the launch of a new series of four cardboard boxes. The idea is to capture the creative spirit of an era and transform it into new products, colours and decors on paper, using KURZ technologies. Each box presents a unique and tangible graphic design with the aim of being a tool to inspire new designs for brands.

  • What is special about this year’s series?

Annie Kuschel: This year, several trends have been combined to create ‘Boxes N°2’ which is composed of four trends: Random – illustrating the freedom to have no concept; Control – which appears chaotic, but in fact is meticulously thought through with a poetic rhythm; Dark Matter – attractive darkness and myths from the shadows of being and, finally, Boldism – uncompromising and extremely daring designs. All four boxes are finished using the hot stamping process with specially developed trend colours and LIGHT LINE® designs.

Julia König: They are designed as simply and sustainably as possible. Some boxes are just printed with one colour (black or spot colours) with several embossed details to create a new effect. The boxes simply fold or unfold without any sticker or magnet. Instead of booklets, all information on the individual topics, KURZ products, and the paper used, is on the inside of the boxes. The outside box can also be used as a shipping box.

  • What is KURZ’s message beyond the new designs?

Annie Kuschel: ‘Boxes N°2’ show what’s new at KURZ, and in this case, totally new products that are transparent: curious lime, a new blend of red and orange and, last but not the least, mystic glow, a kind of white with a shimmering effect.

Julia König: The fact that the boxes are recyclable is another key message. There is no plastic or sticker – only lacquer – and the boxes can be recycled with paper/cardboard in the recycling bin. For us, sustainability isn’t a trend anymore, it’s common sense.

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