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Brand owners are seeking to add value to their labels through decorative tooling, special effects and exquisite finishing, a trend that’s driving the converting and finishing equipment market. Embossing and foiling are top choices for catching consumers’ attention, providing a premium finish for luxury goods, reports Packaging & Print Media’s Anton Pretorius. Anton sat down with Synchron’s sales and marketing manager, Phumzile Dlamini, where she explains why finishing is so important and why it creates excellent packaging for a brand.

Embossing and foiling are top choices to catch consumers’ attention.

With only seconds to persuade potential consumers, the labels on products are just as important as the liquid inside. In fact, real value in label production is what’s required in today’s highly-competitive retail market, including the right converting and finishing equipment necessary to integrate efficiencies.

Striving to benchmark standards in brand enhancement, Synchron Markings is determined to source and supply best-of-breed products for customers. Enter the KPS SX+ from Leonhard Kurz, which introduces cold transfer formulation that meets these requirements for an attractive and sustainable type of product finishing. This cold transfer solution is suitable for decorating a wide variety of substrates, including recycled, thin
or more difficult to work with materials.

Foiling and embossing on packaging provide a luxury finish for premium goods

Phumzile says excellent packaging is characterised by being ‘embellished efficiently and sustainably.’ She notes that the quality of the machine enables high gloss, excellent coverage, and edge definition, as well as a myriad of design options. With sustainability in mind, Kurz has introduced a thinner PET carrier (6μm instead of 12μm) so that each roll can hold more running metres of usable decoration. 

This means more time for applying finishing touches and less time spent replacing rolls. ‘Customers will not only reduce the total amount of plastic waste in production but also achieve improved production times,’ Phumzile comments.

Synchron has a myriad of powerful products in its arsenal – foils capable of increasing brand identity and embellishment possibilities whilst staying close to sustainability. ‘Digital Metal® applications continue to grow in sheet fed and narrow web, in combination with spot varnish, and can widen embellishment possibilities,’ she adds. Keeping with international trends, sustainability remains top of mind for Synchron. ‘Kurz’s transfer technology makes the decoration of packaging extremely efficient and resource conserving. A minimum amount of material and applications suffice for a premium look that’s glossy and edge-defined with an unrivalled range of designs.’

Finishing on packaging increases brand identity

Furthermore, Kurz has managed to significantly reduce the thickness of the PET carrier in several transfer products, achieving remarkable material savings. ‘Paper and cardboard decorated with Kurz transfer finishing can be recycled without restrictions by existing collection, sorting and recycling material streams and operations.’

According to Phumzile, the print and packaging industry is ever evolving with new technologies, business models and products being introduced. However, Synchron has managed to keep its fingers firmly on the pulse. ‘Embellishment continues to have a high importance and is expected to grow further still.’ She feels Synchron’s ability to create innovations that promote environmentally-friendly production gives the company a decisive competitive edge. ‘This includes reducing the materials we use, applying multi-use technologies to our finishes and actively driving Kurz’s RECOSYS® recycling programme.’

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