Makeup for┬ápackaging – enhancing with┬ástamping technology

In the world of product presentation, appearances matter. It is widely recognised that customers not only focus on the contents of a product but also pay significant attention to its packaging. Companies that invest in attractive packaging designs gain a distinct advantage over their competitors. Whether it’s the timeless allure of silver and gold, trendy and vibrant colours, pigmented or diffractive patterns, high-gloss or matte finishes, there are numerous options available to adorn various types of plastic packaging, including mascara tubes, lipstick containers, cream jars, and bottles.┬á

Look and feel of beauty products packaging is important to the end consumer

Brilliant finishing with stamping technology

KURZÔÇÖs stamping technology provides a brilliant finishing touch to your packaging. KURZ offers a comprehensive range of options tailored to meet your specific requirements. From classic metal tones to intricate pigment decorations, they have the expertise to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your products.

Colour concepts and effects for a glossy appearance

We understand that purchase decisions, particularly in the cosmetics sector, are driven by emotions. Therefore, the look and feel of beauty products play a crucial role. With ever-changing trend colours and effects, it’s essential to partner with a responsive and agile service provider like KURZ. Supplied locally by Synchron Markings, we can adapt quickly to accommodate the latest trends, even for small special series. Our decorations are specially designed to meet the demanding standards of the cosmetics industry and excel in durability tests.

Stamp finishing for cosmetics from KURZ

These stamp finishing solutions for cosmetics encompass an extensive and constantly expanding colour portfolio. Whether you desire specific colours or have custom preferences, we can fulfil your needs. KURZÔÇÖs stamping technology is suitable for a wide range of substrates and shapes, allowing flexibility in colour changes and enabling multiple decorations in a single step.

More brilliant. More attractive. More sustainable – LUXOR┬«/ALUFIN┬« STV

Introducing LUXOR®/ALUFIN® STV, a revolutionary option that offers new design possibilities and increased product durability for tubes. One ground-breaking feature is the ability to apply multiple finishes, opening up creative opportunities for multi-coloured overlaying metal effects and 360° decoration. These effects not only enhance the attractiveness of your products but also provide consistency and allure at the point of sale.

Stamp finishing for cosmetics from KURZ

Impressive. Durable. Enchanting – LUXOR┬«/ALUFIN┬« SPP

Cosmetics and beauty go hand in hand. Products that enhance our appearance must themselves look good. LUXOR®/ALUFIN® SPP is a game-changer for the visual effect of your cosmetics items, such as mascara and polypropylene jars. It offers a solution for various applications, enabling new avenues for product quality and captivating design. With high resistance for long service life, limitless design possibilities, and a wide range of colours to choose from, LUXOR®/ALUFIN® SPP helps your products stand out at the point of sale, captivating and winning over customers. 

Eye-catching through and through

KURZÔÇÖs product lines, LUMAFIN┬« and LIGHT LINE┬«, can achieve striking effects that make plastic products, such as mascara containers, stand out.


Attractive designs for plastic cosmetic packaging


LUMAFIN® offers a wide range of translucent colours with captivating depth and shimmering effects. The interplay between LUMAFIN® and the background colour further enhances the visual impact. Printed motifs embossed with LUMAFIN® gain a unique appearance. The products are available not only in high-gloss and transparent shimmer but also in various captivating colours.

Attractive effects for cosmetic packaging


The LIGHT LINE┬« range is based on holographic structures that refract light and divide it into spectral colours. With an extensive portfolio of continuous holographic designs, the possibilities for individualised designs are virtually limitless. Shapes range from geometric patterns like squares, circles and triangles to various lines, dots, waves and their combinations. The seamless “rainbow” effect can create a mesmerising full-surface design.

Revolutionary glass and tube decoration: ISIMAT inLine FOILING®

Introducing inLINE FOILING®, a ground-breaking solution for applying metallic decorations to glass, plastic, and aluminium containers. Developed and patented in collaboration with our subsidiary, ISIMAT, this technology offers opportunities for the cosmetics and beverage industry. With inLINE FOILING®, your cosmetics products can be effortlessly finished with extraordinary metallic decorations, providing a touch of uniqueness and allure. Notably, this technology operates at low pressure and without heat, ensuring easy, quick, and cost-conscious application. Furthermore, the machines are equipped with resource-saving LED technology.

Enhancing cosmetic packaging with stamping technology

Brilliant and eye-catching: Cosmetic boxes from KURZ

Make your cosmetics packaging truly stand out with metallised hot-stamping decorations in gold, silver or other colours from KURZ. With its comprehensive design ranges, including LUXOR®/ALUFIN®, LIGHT LINE®, COLORIT®, and TRUSTSEAL® KURZ is your trusted partner for hot stamping expertise. They cater to the diverse needs of processors and designers, leaving no desires unfulfilled.

Captivating and alluring packaging designs can leave a lasting impression and differentiate your brand from competitors. By leveraging the vast array of stamping decoration options available, you can transform your cosmetics packaging into a true work of art that attracts attention, instils confidence and drives purchase decisions. Contact Synchron Markings today to elevate your packaging game and captivate customers.

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