Sustainability is Synchron’s competitive edge

Synchron believes sustainable print finishing generates sustainable and competitive advantages in fierce markets.

Synchron, in partnership with KURZ – both finishing specialists – support their customers with cross technology solutions in the digital, hot, and cold transfer segments to ensure packaging is given a clear appeal. The aim of innovation is to give manufacturers and converters the opportunity to react quickly to trends, produce transparently and sustainably, and thus gain a clear competitive advantage.

Cold foil transfer with KPS offer many print finishing options for attractive packaging

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our time and is an integral part of the identity of many brands worldwide. To be successful on the market, a company must have a credible approach to recycling. We support our customers from the printing sector with well-founded knowledge along the entire value chain – from production and processing, through to the end product and its recycling.

We recognise that packaging with aesthetic and functional surfaces increase value, generate demand, protect goods and provide key buying incentives through unique design. It is crucial for brands to use this opportunity and underline their credibility and implementation strength among their customers with our products and services for environmentally-friendly, high-quality printing.


In the hot-stamping segment, KURZ reduces cost drivers of the hot-stamping process to be reduced through product developments and even more efficient technologies. Finishing with LUXOR®/ALUFIN® MSU (Multiple Surface Usage) is made possible on all conceivable surfaces, even in high-speed printing, giving processing companies great freedom. The universal hot-stamping solution enables the decoration of the most demanding materials that were previously notoriously difficult to finish. It broadens the range of applications for converters, saving cost and time in the process.

With its new cold transfer product KPS SX+, the company is for the first time offering a solution that, thanks to its expanded processing window, makes the use of several products for different cold transfer finishing unnecessary and is also easy to set up and process. The new quality is suitable for conventional systems, as well as UV systems in terms of adhesives and colours, for different substrates, food packaging and foil saving modules, for both large-scale and delicate motifs. From a design viewpoint, it is suitable for sophisticated designs, grid patterns and inspiring effects. The range of possible applications is wide: The cold transfer formulation not only meets essential legal requirements, such as those of the electronics industry (RoHS), and the packaging industry (CONEG); items finished with KPS SX+ can also be recycled after use.


For decades, the term stamping foil had established itself as a designation for metallised decorations among converters and manufacturers. During finishing with KURZ thin-film technology, no foil is transferred to the substrate. This year, Kurz is launching a revolutionary slimming drive to reduce the actual amount of waste generated when applying finishes to labels and print products. The optimised slim surface decorations offer you the exclusive attractive look and performance guarantee you have come to know from us, whilst reducing the amount of material used.

To be more specific: The PET substrate material is going to be reduced from 12 µm to 6 µm. This allows us to help you not only reduce the total amount of plastic waste in your production but also achieve cost advantages. Thanks to the reduced thickness, each roll can hold more running metres of usable decoration. This means more time for applying the finishing touch and less time spent replacing rolls.

Synchron is still conducting R&D with various industry bodies to explore the possibility of local recycling.

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