Brand Magic: Bracing for the battle at the POS

It’s not easy being a brand. Brands have to remain unmistakably themselves, always and forever. Yet at the same time they always have to reinvent themselves, without forgetting who they are.

When it comes to brand enhancement, Synchron provides undisputed expertise. As sales and marketing manager Phumzile Dlamini explains: “We’re all about quality, service and innovation, but our goal is always to enhance a brand by making it stand out from the rest.”

The battle is especially ruthless at the point of sale (POS) and especially in an environment of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Here, producers must tussle, not only for shelf space (sometimes centimetre for centimetre) but also, and especially, for shoppers’ attention.

Foil embossing adds a tactile element to this hand cream tube

But how do you stay ahead of the competition in these crucial last moments before the consumer firmly reaches for a choice on the shelf?

Each year, thousands of new products are launched in stores with greater or lesser success, vying for the consumer’s attention. But big or small, it’s the extraordinary, surprising product and package designs that stand out from the crowd. Discounters and full-range merchants’ house brands have recognised this and are arming themselves accordingly.



“Brand building at the POS is a major factor in all-round customer communication,” Phumzile adds. “Whether it’s done with a free-standing display in a supermarket or by the product itself, every brand has to establish itself in the market. What counts here is not just the product’s quality or promise of quality, it’s the product’s look too.”

Eye-catching hand cream packaging using Kurz foils

Because it’s exactly that look that may prompt the impulse to buy. We now know products that attract potential buyers’ attention better than others also trigger an impulse to touch. And once somebody has taken a product off the shelf and looked it over, it is more likely to land in the shopping cart than one that hasn’t set off this tactile contact.

Synchron is always awake to new concepts that allow printers to produce truly stunning products and sustainable brands. “Those of us in the supply chain need to create South African brands that stand proudly next to one another globally and to support this with passion and energy,” says Phumzile

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It’s simple really. The better the packaging the better the perceived value.  KURZ foils provides our brand with a direct route to the “buying brain” – and it shows on the bottom line…

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