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Sustainability has grown to play a significant role in a brand’s success. We can anticipate that sustainability will only increase in importance in 2023 and beyond as consumer purchasing behaviours continue to change, especially among the younger generations. For a brand to connect with people, sustainability and brand strategy are crucial. They both focus on ensuring that businesses give back more than they take and accomplish more good than harm. Synchron, along with KURZ, explains how you can include sustainability into your strategy to secure the future of your business.

PET: Only a transfer carrier, no residues

In order to help clients save money and ensure they are acting sustainably, KURZ has always worked to make their production facilities as sustainable and ecologically friendly as possible.

KURZ has the competitive edge over rival suppliers because of the creative solutions it develops to support environmentally-friendly production. Reducing the amount of materials they consume, using finishes that can be used for multiple purposes, and already having an active RECOSYS® recycling programme, are all very real actions that rule their daily operations.

Soltis Touch fabric used for blinds in a Clifton seaside home

What started as a genuine challenge at KURZ has since generated results and even developed into a game changer within our industry: From streamlining the carrier material to accepting returns of excess PET and remanufacturing, as well as reusing ready-to-melt granulate – the company is applying a clear sustainability principle that focuses on preserving resources as well as being efficient.

KURZ’s sustainability strategy: Reduce Waste Now!

This is done by following the below:

Less microns – more sustainability

Resource conservation is one of the core issues when it comes to eco-friendly production. This year, KURZ is launching a revolutionary slimming drive to reduce the actual amount of waste generated when applying finishes to labels and print products. Its optimised slim surface decorations offer you the exclusive attractive look and performance you have come to know from them whilst reducing the amount of material used.

Soltis Touch fabric is ideal for seaside homes where solar protection and acoustic properties are important.

To be more specific, the PET substrate material is going to be reduced from 12 µm to 6 µm! This allows KURZ to help you not only reduce the total amount of plastic waste in your production, but also achieve cost advantages. Thanks to the reduced thickness, each roll can hold more running metres of usable decoration. This means more time for applying the finishing touch and less time spent replacing rolls.

Let’s close the finishing loop together

Once the substrate has been decorated with the transfer, PET carriers have traditionally lost their significance. For this reason, KURZ surface finishes do not transfer any carrier film to your goods. The transfer material, on the other hand, is taken out, gathered and kept separately as industrial waste. In several industries, including the cement industry, PET has been primarily employed as a substitute fuel in place of gas, coal or oil.

The Soltis Touch is a fabric with a unique weave that mixes several materials and colours to provide a distinctly natural impression. The Soltis Touch manipulates light, producing chromatic effects and interplaying transparencies that are designed to give your interiors personality. Solar protection becomes an essential part of your interior design.

But as an eco-conscious trendsetter, they asked themselves: Is that really the best we can do? Do we really want to waste such a valuable raw material? Of course not! As a pioneer in the graphics and plastics industry, they have done what they do best: KURZ has pooled all its expertise and developed a completely new recycling system for PET carriers, KURZ RECOSYS®.

KURZ’s Goals

1. Full Transparency
Your supplier’s participation in RECOSYS® is certified. This allows you to credibly demonstrate sustainability within your supply chain. A clear competitive advantage for you!

2. Optimised Sustainability Balance
Show accountability! RECOSYS® certified finishers minimise fossil fuel consumption and reduce carbon footprint.

3. Green Profile
Your certified commitment to more sustainable finishing sharpens your profile as a Green Leader. You position your brand sustainably – with your customers as well as the competition.

Premium sustainability, includes:

  • More running metres on one roll – less waste
  • Reduced weight with the same running metres
  • Less waste and lower disposal costs
  • Less PET
  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint
  • SQTS certificate
  • No plastic/laminate on decorated products.

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