Now trending in truck security…

December 2022

Defend your company against hit-and-run cargo theft

It is crucial that businesses remain aware of potential hazards and risks as cargo theft continues to have an impact on corporate operations and disrupt supply networks in South Africa and overseas…. continue reading>>

Truck fitted with anti-theft security mesh

September 2022

High security mesh fabric helps protect against cargo theft

Anti-theft security mesh on the inside of your tarp protects your tarp, your cargo and your brand image. On both new and existing tarps, the use of Defender Mesh allows the curtains to maintain their flexibility and ease of use…. continue reading>>

The lightweight Defender security mesh fitted to a cargo truck to prevent looting

May 2022

Theft and looting protection for cargo trucks

The Defender anti-vandalism mesh is a security mesh patented by the Serge Ferrari Group. This safety fabric is an anti-theft solution designed specifically for the trucking industry…. continue reading>>

Anti-theft truck tarpaulin on protects cargo

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