Defend your company against hit-and-run cargo theft

It is crucial that businesses remain aware of potential hazards and risks as cargo theft continues to have an impact on corporate operations and disrupt supply networks in South Africa and overseas. A risk-averse supply chain must start with security awareness and proactive risk management practices.

Understanding the threats and incorporating preventative measures, will help organisations work towards developing more secure and resilient supply chains. You need to defend your company against hit-and-run cargo theft, costly tarp replacements and truck downtime.

Close up view of truck side curtains with Defender security mesh for looting protection

Defender security mesh textiles from Serge Ferrari are used to produce anti-theft truck tarpaulins that prevent looting and theft from trucks, ensuring security of the cargo. These mesh truck tarpaulins are lightweight, yet exceptionally laceration resistant. The level of protection provided by Defender mesh enables carriers to ensure the safety of goods, while building up their image and credibility with their freight clients. The Defender weave structure provides unequalled flexibility, so curtains keep all the handling qualities during covering and uncovering. The Defender can be used with new tarpaulins but also on existing ones, meaning a whole fleet can be fitted out at low cost and, if required, tarpaulins can still be repaired.

Truck fitted with anti-theft security mesh

Anti-theft security mesh on the inside of your tarp protects it, your cargo and your brand image. Most importantly, your tarp maintains its opening flexibility and still curtain-slides with ease. The mesh with hardened steel cables is heat-welded or glued to the inside of your tarp, but also protects against day-to-day tearing and scratching.

Protect Secure truck side curtains and tarpaulin

Other features of the tarps are:

  • printable, which preserves the brand’s aesthetics
  • lightweight – 620gsm
  • anti-corrosion treated
  • easily repairable
  • new or existing tarps

Any cargo or load of merchandise being transported by trucks requires protection from the environment to preserve the quality of the load. This merchandise also needs to provide adequate protection for other road users from anything that may blow out of the trailer when traveling on the road. This makes tarps essential, especially when carting loads like grain or sand.

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