High security mesh fabric helps protect against cargo theft

The lightweight Defender security mesh fitted to a cargo truck to prevent looting

Synchron Markings provides a high security mesh fabric called Defender Mesh, which enables you to defend your company assets/cargo against hit-and-run cargo theft, costly tarp replacements and truck downtime. Anti-theft security mesh on the inside of your tarp protects your tarp, your cargo and your brand image. On both new and existing tarps, the use of Defender Mesh allows the curtains to maintain their flexibility and ease of use.

We recently chatted to one of our clients, Kagiso Tarpaulin & Net Manufacturers, about what it means to them to have Synchron as a mesh supplier. Kagiso specialises in supplying and manufacturing Tarpaulins, Tautliner Curtains, Cargo Nets, Branded Curtains, Cargo Equipment, Trailer Accessories and Parts. Meegan Asiragada, owner of Kagiso explains how the Defender Mesh helps them manufacture the best possible tarpaulins for their clients.

Kagiso explains that the Cargo and Logistics industry is one of the oldest forms of transporting goods, however it’s also one that needs to provide customers with the perfect safety for their transported products. No haulage of goods is complete without a trustworthy covering or reliable cargo safety equipment. Tarps offer protection against the elements of nature as well as acting as an additional securing element for goods in transit.

Synchron did a Q&A with Kagiso, this is what Meegan Asiragada had to say:

Question: Do people avoid trucks with Defender mesh applied to the tarpaulin or do they still try and slash the tarpaulin?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no quantitative research that has gone into this topic, so we are unable to verify this. But, what we can say is those clients who have some form of visible security systems, seem to incur less ‘slashing’ of their tarps. Petty theft and vandalism is also reduced somewhat by using visible preventative measures.


Question: Does the Defender Mesh make the curtain side heavy and difficult to pull back?

Answer: One of the great advantages of the Defender Mesh, is that it is lighter and more conformable with the curtains than other products. The drivers/operators seem to find it a lot easier to open the curtains than other more bulky products.

Question: In your opinion, does Defender Mesh extend the life span of a tarpaulin?

Answer: This is not entirely true, but what it does seem to do is prevent vandalism and petty crimes done on the tarps. So, this is definitely another big advantage. Less vandalism equals less repairs, which prevents unnecessary costs.


Question: Do truck owners put Defender Mesh on their long and short haul trucks?

Answer: The product definitely seems to reduce the incidents of theft and vandalism on the curtains. This does vary from client to client though, depending on:

a. Areas vehicles move in

b. The product that’s being transported

c. Vigilance of the truck drivers

d. Parking in high risk areas.


Question: Have you had to repair a lot of tarpaulins with Defender Mesh applied and if so how long is the slash?

Answer: The incidents of repair are certainly there, but most of these relate to curtains being damaged by forklifts and drivers not securing the curtains correctly, and a few acts of vandalism. Another important point to note is that trucks that are slashed don’t always have the goods stolen, it depends on what is in the truck. The goods that do remain in the truck are now very vulnerable to rain and or dust that will come through the slashed portion of truck tarpaulin, which often damages the valuables inside. When a truck tarpaulin is slashed with the Defender Mesh applied, it will only make a small hole. The damage is usually minimal and can easily be repaired.

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