Theft and looting protection for cargo trucks

The Defender anti-vandalism mesh is a security mesh patented by the Serge Ferrari Group. This safety fabric is an anti-theft solution designed specifically for the trucking industry. The material was developed with the truck owner’s cargo safety in mind and to meet insurance requirements.

Here is a close-up image of the Defender mesh:

The Defender Mesh for trucks prevents access to the cargo

The Defender is applied to the truck side curtains or other flexible composite walls to make them tear proof. Should a potential thief or looter try to tear open the truck curtain, the steel cables in the mesh will prevent the tarpaulin from tearing. This also protects the truck’s content from water damage (as the tarpaulin will not tear open). It also protects the curtains from tearing should the truck scratch against tree branches.

Trucking crime has increased over the past 2 years due to our increasing unemployment rates. A great selling feature of the Defender mesh is the imprint it leaves on the PVC, ensuring potential thieves can tell from a distance that the truck has a security mesh applied onto it, deterring the thief from approaching the truck. Here is an image of a truck carrying the Defender mesh – you can clearly see the imprint of the mesh applied to the inside of the truck. Because the mesh is lightweight, it also benefits the truck owner in terms of the loading capacity.

The lightweight Defender security mesh fitted to a cargo truck to prevent looting

Demand for the Defender security mesh is growing, especially amongst carriers of ‘sensitive’ goods, and for storage marquees and airport luggage carts. Often a quick slash of a knife or box cutters provides thieves access to the cargo – with the mesh applied the thief will not have access to the contents of the truck.

The Defender range of textiles is specially designed by Ferrari to resist laceration. Laceration resistance is based on the principle of a series of anti-corrosion treated, flexible metal cables as in a woven weft (smart yarn technology). These multi-strand steel cables are made up of four strands, each containing three steel wires. The metal cables are arranged in pairs, both warp-wise and weft-wise, each pair being only 4 cm away from the next, forming a trellis that is almost impossible to get a hand inside and so preventing entry into the truck. No other security mesh product in the market offers the same level of security.

The level of protection provided by Defender mesh enables carriers to ensure the safety of goods while building up their image and credibility with their freight clients. The Defender weave structure provides unequalled flexibility, so curtains keep all the handling qualities during covering and uncovering. Below see a photo of how easily the mesh allows the curtain to open and close. The Defender can be used with new tarpaulins but also on existing ones, meaning a whole fleet can be fitted out at low cost and, if required, tarpaulins can still be repaired

Defender security mesh is flexible and allows the truck curtains to open easily

This video shows the Research and Development team at Ferrari attempting to slit the Defender Mesh with a Stanley knife. As you can see the attempts were unsuccessful.

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