Protecting your brand from fakes

Globally, brand and product owners lose billions of dollars to the low-risk high-return industry of counterfeiting.  It’s a loss not related only to profit.  When a counterfeited product is passed off as genuine, your brand’s reputation faces irreparable damage and can, as in the case of fake alcohol and medicines, lead to death.

Protection against counterfeiting started with money.   KURZ in partnership with its subsidiary OVD Kinegram is the world’s leading supplier of innovative foil-based security features, with an unparalleled number of customer reference examples. Billions of banknotes in 81 countries are protected by KURZ OVD Kinegram, perfected over 41 years.

KINEGRAM Easy Card is a paper-substrate based card which can be issued instantly, without any investment in hardware like specific printers or lamination modules.  While highly affordable, the KINEGRAM Easy Card is extremely secure. Manipulation and falsification attempts are very difficult. 

KURZ Kinegram Easy Card, instant, paper based, use office printer or by hand, highly-secured personalisation.

Security Labels protect products from tampering and counterfeiting.  They strengthen consumer trust in your brand. Highly efficient security features, among them special substrates, adhesives, UV fluorescent colours, VOID effects, serialisation, and security print.  They can be tailored to specific requirements to cover all industries.

Countering ineffective or harmful COVID-19 vaccines . Optical TRUSTSEAL® security label + TRUSTCODE® software.

The unique modular TRUSTCONCEPT Tax Stamp system offers secure, individual and customised security packages. The combination of KURZ diffractive security foil technology, security printing, and web-based TRUSTCODE authentication system for mobile examination provide superior protection against counterfeiting with sustainable added value of tax authorities.

With this software, KURZ offers you an excellent solution that enables protected access to your data around the clock, whether at your premises or in the highly secure KURZ data center. The app allows you to access information specifically for certain definable user groups.

Ensuring your originals stay original…

TRUSTSEAL® security and tamper-proof tax stamps; authenticates genuine packaging and build consumer trust. Impossible to counterfeit.

Designs that are eye-catching and offer security at the same time…

MultiColor® security feature or partial metallization—enable countless functional and visually appealing design possibilities.

Just the ticket…

Beautiful tickets for a prestige event with complete piracy protection. No more gate crashing in your VIP events and no more embarrassment sorting out “duplicate” seats sold.

Stand out amongst hundreds of products on the same shelf…

Hologram brand enhancement at its best. Stand out amongst hundreds of product on the shelf… Visual 3D hologram effect, enhancing and decorating primary and secondary packaging.

3 types of security in one label…

Multi-Colored security label with multi-colored individual QR code, paired with digital product protection via WeChat Mini app.

KURZ TRUSTSEAL® foiling and app for brand messaging and validation of the total supply chain…

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