High security mesh fabric

Defend your company against hit-and-run cargo theft, costly tarp replacements and truck downtime. Anti-theft security mesh on the inside of your tarp protects your tarp, your cargo and your brand image. New or Existing tarps. And, most importantly, your tarp maintains its opening flexibility and still curtain-slides with ease.

Strong but light; reduces load slippage, risk of theft, intrusion or vandalism and eliminates loss through accidental tearing…

Defender Security Mesh textiles from Serge Ferrari

Embedded with high strength steel cables which provide security, without reducing flexibility…

Defender Security Mesh textiles from Serge Ferrari

This fire retardant material can be applied to a “solid” membrane of a modular structure to make it cut-proof…

Defender Security Mesh textiles from Serge Ferrari
As we unpacked our delivery we were again struck by the quality; a deep satisfaction, we had made the right choice. You must touch and feel a Serge Ferrari fabric to appreciate it fully…

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